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Most Leaders Confine Their Expertise To One Organization. But What If You Were Meant to Have Greater Impact?

At this point in the game, your life isn't about making the next buck, starting your next company, or earning another degree. It's about living your message, loving your work, and leaving your mark on the world.

So, what if you could leverage the influence and expertise you already have to serve more people and shape the world? And what if, in turn, you gained even more influence so that you could impact others well beyond your lifetime?

Greater influence and impact is possible. More than that, it's your responsibility. The world needs your wisdom and expertise. At Influence & Impact, you'll learn from (and link arms with) people who can help you leverage today's media-rich tools to multiply your influence and create lasting change, even beyond your lifetime. I'll be there to connect you to these folks and guide you along the way.

I'm Mike Kim, the Influence Broker.

When I was 19, a mentor (who happened to be Suapolor of a Ghanian tribe) told me, “Son, life is 90% who you know and 10% what you know.” I thought all I needed was my degree. That was 20 years ago. He was right.

Strategic influence is the thread that ties my story together. Whether it was my 20’s in music, my early 30’s in ministry, or the latter years in the C-suite and launching my consultancy, a carefully curated network has been the magic ingredient to my success.

My clients include New York Times best-selling authors, digital tech companies, thought leaders, and even Beyonce's cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills. My podcast, the Brand You Podcast is the #1 ranked show on iTunes for personal branding.

I know the power of influence, so I started I & I to create a place for leaders like you to find more than “like-minded” people - it's to find kindred spirits who value legacy over currency and want to transform influence into lasting impact.

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"Mike adds so much to the projects we've done together. He makes what we create at StoryBrand dramatically better. Highly recommended!"


An Exclusive Gathering of 40 Key Leaders, Experts, and Influencers to Connect, Contribute, and Mastermind. Will You Join Us?

The quality of an event is in direct proportion to the quality of the people who attend. Influence & Impact is a convergence of influencers from the most important drivers of culture: business, healthcare, law, academia, media, entertainment, religion, and politics. Over the last fifteen years I’ve cultivated an incredible network of leaders who treasure legacy over currency and generously invest in others.

The number forty has always been meaningful to me so that's why Influence & Impact is limited to just 40 people.

Join us and you'll get practical strategies to transform your influence into exponential impact. I'll share "behind closed doors" marketing tips. The guest presenters are best-in-class in their respective industries.

But more than that I & I is about experts, influencers, and leaders coming together. Don't bother bringing your business cards -- I won't allow them! This is about creating meaningful connections that will take your impact to new heights.



Michael Hudson

Dr. Michael Hudson consults for $4B+ organizations and will show you how to leverage consulting opportunities with large cap organizations.

Jennifer McClure

Jennifer McClure will show us how to access speaking opportunities like she has with conferences and organizations like SHRM, Bloomberg, GE, and Money.

Jody Maberry

Jody will show us how to leverage new media like he's done for Disney and other business executives to help them coach 1M+ employees and leaders.

Jason Clement

Jason has designed for Cold Stone, Jiffy Lube, and Cici's Pizza and will share best practices on how design drives influence and business.

Val is an Emmy award-winning TV producer who will share trade secrets and best practices on securing and preparing for media appearances.

Kary Oberbrunner

Kary is a speaker and author who will show us how to reach an audience of 100,000+ and generate $1M+ in revenue around a single book.

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* I & I will be held at the Teaneck Marriott Glenpointe in Teaneck, NJ just 15 minutes outside of New York City. We recommend you fly into Newark International Airport (EWR). Hotel group rate will be sent in a welcome email after you’ve registered.

Questions? Email and we'll be glad to help.


7:00PM - Welcome Banquet

Get to know your fellow participants over dinner and drinks. These are the like-minded leaders you’ll spend the next two days with. You’ll be inspired by the brilliant people who attend Influence & Impact.

I'll also set the stage for the next two days ahead by giving you a bird's eye view of the overall roadmap. You'll also get a firsthand look at how I run networking dinners so you can use this same strategy.

8:30AM - 5:00PM

8:30am - Branding Session 1
9:45am - Branding Session 2
10:45am - How to Enhance Your Image, Impressions, and Influence
11:30am - Q&A
12:00pm - Networking Lunch
1:30pm - The 3-Step Framework for High Impact, High Income Consulting Engagements
2:45pm - How To Build Your Influence By Becoming A Paid Professional Speaker
3:45pm - Q&A + Tying It All Together
5:00pm - Dismiss

9:00AM - 5:00PM

9:00am - Branding Session 3
10:30am - How To Turn Your Book Into 18 Streams of Income
12:00pm - Networking Lunch (provided)
1:30pm - How to Multiply Your Influence Through Podcasting
2:45pm - Influence By Design
3:45pm - Q&A with all speakers
5:00pm - Dismiss